IDS: Policy Management by Day, Runners by Night

On April 15, we (the IDS charitable committee) participated in our first event – the Track Shack Corporate 5K in Orlando!

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PoliceOne – Your Source for All Things Law Enforcement

Are you in the law-enforcement industry, but feel stifled by social networking? Having a Twitter or Facebook account may be a challenge for you, because of the high importance of confidentiality and saving face within your agency.

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Accreditation and You: A Lesson in Liability

According to the website for the Florida Police Accreditation Coalition, accreditation as it applies to law enforcement is defined as the following:

“Accreditation, as it applies to law enforcement, is a process whereby a law-enforcement agency is given approval by an official review board, after the agency has met specific standards deemed appropriate for the mission of all law-enforcement agencies.”

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An HR Conundrum

It’s no secret that next to having a personal masseuse or chauffeur, human resources is pretty far down on the list of priorities for many companies, especially small to mid-sized ones with personnel who wear multiple hats as it is. Employees can get so caught up in the tasks that are important “right at this second” that they forget the importance of these behind-the-scenes entities. This is extremely understandable and relatable. After all, what small company really has the extra payroll to comfortably hire a full-time HR representative, or even further, to put its profit-seeking and brand-enhancing plans on hold to ensure employee benefits are being handled properly? In theory, it sounds…well, bad. But most of the time, the absence of a sound HR department isn’t because supervisors don’t care about their personnel. On the contrary, managers seem to spend so much time and energy to expand their brands to ensure job security that they just don’t have the extra oomph to put into quality employee management.

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The Importance of Great Customer Service

There’s nothing like going grocery shopping after a long day at work. You’re driving home, and your significant other calls and asks you to pick up a few things, and you oblige, even though you’re tired and cranky and want to go home. You stop at the store and go in, weaving through shoppers in the same situation, and finally get to the registers. After waiting a few minutes, you look the cashier in the eye and manage a “How are you?” The cashier barely cracks a grimace, scans your items quickly, and only speaks to tell you your total before taking your hard-earned cash and moving on to the next customer.

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Problems and Solutions

In today’s corporate world, there’s so much to accomplish that policy management and employee training can take a backseat to other pressing matters, including customer service, profits, and operating as cheaply and efficiently as possible. Often, supervisors scramble to ensure everything is running smoothly, and many times are unable to find the time, funds, or energy to train their employees and ensure they’ve signed off on (and actually understand) what they need to know. Continue reading

Money-Saving Tips

As a resident of the United States, you’ve undoubtedly heard a variation of the following:

This economy is so terrible. I can’t afford any of the things I want (and, sometimes, need)!

Unfortunately, many individuals are feeling this way, and businesses are no exception. “The economy” is a phrase that always seems to be on someone’s lips. Companies everywhere are offering huge incentives, from buy-one, get-one-free vehicle offers to constant clearance sales on high-ticket items. It seems like every time we turn around, someone is going out of business. And with the holiday season upon us, I think everyone can agree that a padded wallet is a happy wallet. As a result of these observations (and our own goGreen ideology), we thought it’d be a great idea to do a little bit of research and write about a few ways you can save money while at the office. Here are our top five tips. Continue reading

Importance of Policy Management

“With the economy as bad as it is, we really can’t afford to spend the money on new products for training our employees right now.”

The above statement is something I hear constantly. Not verbatim, but basically the same idea; even if the last part of it isn’t completely relevant to a specific situation, there is undoubtedly some part of everyone’s life that the United States’ economic downturn has affected – just replace “new products for training our employees right now” with whatever it is that applies to you. Maybe it’s “a family vacation” or “a better car”. And with all the layoffs around us lately, showing up and doing our jobs isn’t good enough anymore. Nowadays, it’s no secret that we all have to go that extra mile – coming in early and staying late, taking fewer coffee breaks, and edging out our competition – to secure a permanent place in our respective departments. It’s happening to all of us, and it’s inarguably unavoidable. Continue reading